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About Lyceum

Lyceum English Australia is a member of English Australia, an association representing over 100 Member Colleges who are committed to delivering the highest quality education and support services. All staff are dedicated to ensuring students enjoy their time in Australia and feel at home in the Lyceum community. We have been teaching languages since 1995 and, with such a wealth of experience, Lyceum offers excellence.

Our teachers are well experienced and dedicated. They bring a fun approach to the learning experience supporting their students with understanding and kindness while ensuring that students make speedy and thorough progress with their language learning. We are a special school in Australia in that we have Australians studying foreign languages as well as international students studying English. We specialise in small group tuition and in this respect too we are unique. Currently we have an average of 12 or 13 students per class, ensuring individual care and great results.

Excellent learning facilities

Our boutique, architect-designed learning centre is elegant and well equipped. It includes bright, spacious and comfortably furnished classrooms, a common room with a well appointed kitchen, computer areas as well as ample learning resources, the teachers’ study area and our administration offices are situated on the same floor, making it easy for students to talk to us. The centre is air-conditioned throughout and there is free Wi-Fi available for students. First Aid Australia also share the common areas of level 8 along with Lyceum. 

Directly above the floor, you will find our beautiful, award winning roof top garden which gives you great views over the city. It is the perfect location for our school parties, BBQs and conversation activities, and students also love to meet and relax thee during break time, lunchtime and after class. 

Quality student services

Our friendly administration team will take good care of you from the moment you make your first enquiry to the day you finish your course. Our staff are multilingual and many have studied overseas themselves, so they understand your needs and are keen to support you in various areas

Students come from all over the world to study intensive English language courses at Lyceum. On average 38% are from Europe, 36% are from Asia, 20% are from South America and 6% are from the Middle East and Africa. Together with our staff and local students this creates a truly multicultural Lyceum community.

Our English courses are listed on PRISMS, so we are able to issue the necessary documents for students to obtain their student visas to come to Australia. 

Successful completion of our IELTS courses will also enable you to sit for the IELTS test which is an internationally recognised qualification in English language.

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