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IELTS Course Outcomes

Upon completion of the IELTS course student will have acquired the following skills and competencies. 


  • recognise the different types of questions asked in IELTS tests
  • predict main ideas from titles and visual aids 
  • use skimming and scanning to identify gist and details
  • identify and summarise the main ideas in various types of texts
  • determine the meaning of unknown words from the context
  • recognise a writer's views or claims and their implications
  • answer a variety of question types found in IELTS reading tests
  • complete a reading test in the allotted time


  • analyse IELTS questions and respond appropriately
  • organise and present information in a coherent way
  • use appropriate language and vocabulary for specific tasks
  • use a variety of sentence patterns with grammatical accuracy
  • summarise the main ideas of various types of texts
  • develop an argument and support it in a structured essay 
  • identify implications and propose solutions
  • edit written work
  • complete the test tasks within the required time limits


  • recognise the format and question patterns in an IELTS listening test
  • use a variety of techniques to respond appropriately to IELTS listening test questions
  • identify the main ideas of an aural text
  • identify specific information and roles of speakers
  • identify numbers, dates, time, letters, etc. correctly 
  • understand the implications of information provided in aural texts
  • accurately transfer information gathered from listening to written answers within the set time limit


  • recognise the different sections and requirements of the IELTS speaking test
  • introduce self and converse confidently on a topic, for example, family, hobbies, or work
  • give a talk based on a personal topic
  • give an opinion and justify it
  • speculate about general topics
  • answer questions fluently and with clear pronunciation
  • use appropriate stress, intonation and speed patterns in their conversation
  • use the appropriate vocabulary and grammar to express their ideas
  • complete a speaking test within the allotted time