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Pathways to University or TAFE in Melbourne  

Pathway programs are a great option for students who wish to study in Australia but need to practice and develop their English skills before moving on to university or further education institutions such as TAFE. 

Pathway Program Holmesglen - Direct access to Holmesglen Institute of TAFE

Main Cymk

Lyceum is proud to be affiliated with Holmesglen Institute of TAFE providing our students with direct access to Holmesglen's courses; this upon satisfactory completion of the appropriate level of English at Lyceum.

Length of our Pathways at our Melbourne school: For Diploma Courses: minimum of 10 weeks at Lyceum*.
For Bachelor Courses: minimum of  20 weeks at Lyceum*.

Course Start Dates: Students are welcome to start at Lyceum on any Monday. When enrolling, please bear in mind that Holmesglen will have specific intake dates for specific courses (generally February and/or July). Please contact us for further details.

Hours: 20 hours in small class groups.

Minimum Level: You will need to have completed an intermediate level of General English in order to enter our pathway courses.

Materials: Materials include text books, audio-visual materials, and authentic texts such as newspapers. The appropriate text will be advised and distributed at the commencement of study depending on placement test results.

*Subject to successful completion of all course assessments.

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