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Free program of integration of international students with Australian students

In addition to our great mix of international students, we also have up to 500 Australians enrolled at Lyceum to study Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin and German. These students are very interested to meet our international students studying English and so we organise many activities to blend both student groups.

Extra Language Practice

We regularly organise free structured conversation activities. Our early evening conversation hours, for example, is a great way to practise your conversation skills. 

Social Outings

Dinners, school barbecues or even weekends away at a beach house - at Lyceum we provide a great social environment where you can have fun and socialise with people from all over the world. 

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Social Media

Both our Australian and international students share the same Facebook site, which is great for everyone to interact and be informed about what is going on in the Lyceum Community. Are you looking for a new place to stay or do you just want to organise a night out - just put a message on our Facebook wall. 

Class Visits

Our international students get the opportunity to visit our classes, where Australians learn one of our other languages. They can talk about their own culture and help the Australian practise their conversation skills in their language. 

Intercultural Partner Program

We pair up an international student with a local student who is learning the student's language. The students can swap contact details and arrange catch ups and chat in their own time. 

Friendships form and many benefits, such as house sharing and job opportunities, flow from these features of our school.

Australian and International students at Quiz night Winter Trivia Night with local and international students

Intercultural Partner Program Group of Intercultural Partners