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Travelling in Australia


Victoria has something to offer for everyone...

...for the adventurous, and also for those who prefer a more leisurely pace.

Wherever you come from, you can be certain that in Victoria you will find affordable adventures and experiences that will be completely unique to all of your previous travels.

Our staff have abundant knowledge of the local area, and Australian travel. We love to share with students.

We will happily provide students with specific information telling them where to go and what to see in this extraordinarily diverse and beautiful environment.

Small groups of Lyceum students can take part in Australian life outside Melbourne on tours and field trips to:

  • The Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles
  • Penguin Parade and Philip Island
  • Skiing and Snow Sports
  • Puffing Billy and the Dandenong Ranges
  • Australian Wildlife on parade at Healesville
  • Paddle Steam Cruises on the Murray River
  • Climbing, gliding and walking in the Grampians
  • Little Desert National Park
  • Natural Springs and Health Spas in the Forest
  • Enchanting bushwalking and unique flora to see
  • River Cruise Parties and Ferry Rides
  • Balloon Flights over the Yarra Valley
  • Charter boat fishing in Port Phillip Bay
  • Surfing and swimming with the dolphins and seals

Imagine the excitement of combining study with the experience of the bush - the Australian outdoors.

Technical learning from the classroom experience comes to life and is made deeper and more meaningful through conversations with a cup of billy tea around the campfire. The pleasure of an outing in the bush turns into effective learning for all students new to this remarkable country.

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Around Australia

Australia is a wonderful land of contrasts and of great natural beauty. All courses at Lyceum include a significant component on learning about Australia, the environment, and our native animals.

You may also be planning to make the time to include travel to other amazing places in Australia. We can give you advice on where to go on your trip.

People visiting Australia know our great icons – such as Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef and the beaches – but our staff have all travelled extensively in the land and can offer expert advice about wonderful destinations for travellers that are not in the tourist brochures.

For example, we can advise you to take the time to enjoy our unique desert lands and inland rivers. For those who like adventure there are white water adventures, paragliding and hot air ballooning, surfing, fishing and diving, all close to the major cities and provincial centres.

Each city in this vast continent is special. From the laidback tropical playgrounds of Cairns and Darwin with their reefs and jungles, to temperate and cosmopolitan Sydney and Perth with their European lifestyles, and Hobart with its fields of flowers and welcoming people, you will find and enjoy variety without end.

Australia's large and modern cities are complemented by the colourful and diverse experience of regional towns.

Take your journey from Hobart's stunning 18th Century architecture on the southern island of Tasmania to Alice Springs and the red majesty of central Australia's Uluru with its Aboriginal communities.

Your new language skills will open new vistas and opportunities.

Professional tours with expert guides will take you to remote and beautiful settlements and locations that travellers may not have heard about before.

Imagine waking in the morning in a beautiful campsite in the forest before a day of surfing, walking and sailing, and ending with a barbeque on the beach with music, friends and entertainment - all within a few hours of Melbourne! Other students, your teachers and your new Australian friends will be your companions on these new experiences.

Lyceum is your starting point for these great adventures...